Work remotely and help restore Primordial Europe

from your zero-emission cabin in paradise

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and follow the wildlife


Since 2010, we’ve been working towards the dream of recreating European bison, tarpan and aurochs and bringing back an equivalent of the extinct primordial wild animals that were painted on the walls of caves such as Altamira 14,000 years ago.
The idea is that these animals are a natural way of controlling the shift towards scrubland; that they will be able to live alongside predators such as the wolf and be better able to defend themselves given their propensity to form natural herds; and that they’ll allow Homo sapiens, that is to say, teleworking conservationists, the opportunity to follow these herds more as hunter-gatherers than as traditional shepherds; free, and at one with the natural world.


We’ve asked both national and local governments to facilitate the following:

The legalisation of the release of large, wild herbivores that can live alongside large predators, for use in wildfire prevention

Permits to build Zero-emission cabins in strategic areas to allow management of the wild herds

Placement of cameras and tracking devices for the development of fauna, and media coverage

 Broadband internet coverage in the nine remote areas chosen for the pilot

Remote schooling for children age 6-18, with tutors and E-schools available for the whole country



Developing a cultural and digital industry in the emptiest parts of Spain, attracting experts from the Digital World from all over the globe to a rural environment, ready to recover the fauna of primordial Europe.

We’re building our team and are looking for entrepreneurs in the fields of: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Bigdata and other new technologies to develop virtual nature tourism.


  • Movement of digital nomads between rewilding zones

A network of rewilding zones covering the whole of Iberia makes it possible to swap accommodation with other teleworkers and experience a different ecosystem from time to time. Rented houses and schools are the same everywhere. We have a network with a Coalition of Municipalities and Regions that are developing teleworking projects associated with rewilding

Remote working in wild places!




Support digital nomads working in Rewilding projects in Spain

Dr. Fernando Bolivar Galiano


Biólogo. Catedrático de Bellas Artes. Universidad de Granada. Fundó la corriente internacional y la Fundacion Estatal LIGALISMO.
I+D. Investigador principal en una decena de Proyectos 
Artista visual y escénico. 
Fellow en Smithsonian Instit. Washington DC, UNA de Costarrica y envel ICR de Roma. Autor de numerosos artículos JCR.

Monitor en Campamentos de ADENA WWF Segovia Miembro  directivo de WWF–Granada.


Odile RodrígUEz de la Fuente


Licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas y en Producción de Cine por la Universidad Southern California  Los Ángeles (EE.UU). 
Trabajó en  National Geographic en Washington DC, en el departamento de Historia Natural de Televisión. 

Fue directora de la  Fundación Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente. Miembro de la Junta Supervisora de Rewilding Europe y de la  Junta rectora WWF–España.

Escritora y directora de documentales.


Natalia Castro Nicolás


Licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas por la Universidad de León.

Gestora de la Reserva de la Biosfera de los Valles de Omaña y Luna, en el 
Norte de León, zona prioritaria de actuación de este  plan de Rewilding Teleworker

Especialista en educación para la sostenibilidad y en estrategias de participación ciudadana.

Dirige  la entidad ‘Acción Para el Cambio’, consultoría especializada en desarrollo sostenible.





Fernando Acevedo


Ingeniero informático. Licenciado por la universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


Trabajó como Managing Director de Accenture durante 16 años.

Ha liderado numerosos programas de Transformación digital e Innovación


Daniel Suárez


Economist. CEO at Zapiens, a knowledge management company. Its platform, based on artificial intelligence, works with large clients such as Siemens, L’Oréal, Vodafone, Audi, Nepresso and Unilever.

The company’s headquarters are in bear territory in the Somiedo Biosphere Natural Reserve, Asturias.


Fernando Morán


Vet. Member of the Bison Specialist Group (Europe section) for The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Ten years of work with the European Bison have led to a total of 130 of these emblematic animals, which the Spanish painted in rock art in Altamira and other caves, now living in nine provinces in Spain.




Benigno Varillas

Creative Director

Envirnomental Jounalist. Founder of the Ecology section of the national newspaper, El País (1976); Quercus and El Cárabo magazines (1982); RedQuercus–Internet (1994); the Teleworking Rewilding Plan (2011). His work has been honoured 20 times including: The National Environment Prize (1989); FORD (1995); FONDENA (2007); BBVA (2008).


Coalition of Municipalities
and Territories

Teleworking  – Rewilding

Several municipalities and individuals have added their land to the list of natural spaces of high ecological value ready to host teleworkers who want to rent a home in a heavenly place and from there combine their current profession with the occupation of conserving and generating nature.

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